1004 – Inmate Transfer System OFFICE OF PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY: IP&R OPS Arizona Department of Corrections Rehabilitation and Reentry Supersedes: Department Order Manual Effective Date: July 16, 2020 Amendment: N/A DO 1004 (5/30/13) Scheduled Review Date: January 1, 2023 ACCESS ☐ Contains Restricted Section(s) David Shinn, Director


requirements of 9.5 mm clear stone according to OPSS 1004. b) Prepare the substrate by applying the TOP emulsion at a rate of 1,000 ml per 1,000 g of substrate distributed evenly in 4 coats (i.e., 250 ml per 1,000 g substrate per coat). c) Stir the mixture after each coat has dried to ensure that substrate particles do not adhere to each other.

OPSS.MUNI 1006 Aggregates - Surface Treatment 31. OPSS.MUNI 1010 Aggregates - Base, Subbase Select Subgrade, and Backfill Material 32. OPSS.MUNI 1101 Performance Graded OPSS 1004 Aggregates - Miscellaneous OPSS 1010 Aggregates - Base, Subbase, Select Subgrade, and Backfill Material OPSS 1801 Corrugated Steel Pipe Products OPSS 1840 Non-Pressure Polyethylene Plastic Pipe Products OPSS 1841 Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe Products OPSS 1860 Geotextiles Page 2 Rev. Date: 11/2008 OPSS 405 OPSS 493 Temporary Potable Water Supply Services . OPSS 510 Removal . OPSS 517 Dewatering of Pipeline, Utility, and Associated Structure Excavation .

Opss 1004

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Sand used to determine capture rates is from a source near Edgar, Ontario Trap waste without excessive cost. Lower the cost of pollution control by enhancing the performance of catch basins Economical Solution OPSS.MUNI 1004 Material Specification for Aggregates – Miscellaneous OPSS 1351 Material Specification for Precast Reinforced Concrete Components for Maintenance Holes, Catch Basins, Ditch Inlets and Valve Chambers OPSS 1850 Material Specification for Frames, Grates, Covers and Gratings Canadian Standards Association OPSS.MUNI 1001 Aggregates - General 27. OPSS.MUNI 1002 Aggregates - Concrete 28. OPSS.MUNI 1003 Aggregates - Hot Mix Asphalt 29. OPSS.MUNI 1004 Aggregates - Miscellaneous 30.

All aggregate source materials shall be clean, hard, durable particles free of earth, humus, clay or other coatings, clay lumps, shale or shaley partings and … OPSS.MUNI 1002 Aggregates - Concrete.

The new Technical Publications website was created in response to the decommissioning of the old site which was built over a decade ago for the housing and distribution of a select group of documents.

26 Mar 2021 OPSS 1004.05.08. Should a bidder provide a tender which is not in strict conformity with OPSS 1004, a recent grain size distribution chart shall  21 Jan 2021 MTO Special Provisions Vol 1, SSP 100 - General, 110S16, Amendment to OPSS 1004, November 2012 - Quality Assurance Sampling, and  (attached). 1. OPSS 531 Dec 1990 'Construction Speci?cations for Treatment and .

The new Technical Publications website was created in response to the decommissioning of the old site which was built over a decade ago for the housing and distribution of a select group of documents.

180-01 Sign Support Structures – OPSS 915. PRODUCTS. Granular Material for Backfilling and Bedding – OPSS 902. 19 mm Clear Stone – OPSS 1004. Concrete – OPSS 1350. Portland Cement – OPSS 1301.

Opss 1004

1102 Curb and Gutter. DIVISION 1200. MISCELLANEOUS. Measurement will be as per OPSS requirements. Pruning should be carried out as specified in OPSS 503 or by an ISA certified arborist.
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Opss 1004

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Mortar for joints shall consist of one part Portland cement and two parts mortar sand, wetted with sufficient water to only make the mixture plastic. The mortar sand shall be according to OPSS 1004, the normal Portland cement shall be according to OPSS 1301, and the water shall be according to OPSS …

19 Dec 2012 The options for channel protection are rip -rap stone such as OPSS 1004. R -50 material, and rock filled Maccaferri gabion mats or an approved. 2 Oct 2018 OPSS 1004 Miscellaneous Aggregates. OPSS 1010 Aggregates-Granular A, B, M, and Select Subgrade Material. 5.3 ONTARIO PROVINCIAL  Sand has to meet the “Gradation Requirements for Winter Sand” as per OPSS 1004 Table #12. Bidders must have experience in the related field. Documents.